When accessing clients’ properties, CORTAC has the following security procedures in place:

CORTAC does not use “MASTER KEYS” to access properties. 

CORTAC recommends the use of ELECTRONIC keypads.

When these keypads are in use the client is required to select a unique code and install the code onto their keypad themselves.

The client is then required to provide the unique code to the CORTAC Command Centre. 

The code is then loaded onto a secure alarm monitoring program.

CORTAC Command Centre operators are only able to see this code when an alarm activation is activated. 

CORTAC Tactical Officers are only given the code by the Command Centre when responding to an alarm 

CORTAC clients are able to change and update their codes as often as they wish.

Anyone who is uncertain as to the procedure can contact CORTAC on 0861 267 822 / 0878 030 040