Heading off on holiday is exciting but don’t forget about your home security while you’re away. Here is a checklist of important things to check and note before leaving home:

  1. Leave a spare set of keys, as well as a contact address and phone number with a neighbour in case of an emergency. Remember to give the key holder details to CORTAC
  2. Check your electric fence and cut any overhanging branches to avoid false alarms while away
  3. Double check all windows are closed and matched and ensure gates and doors are locked, including interior doors
  4. Don’t leave keys visible inside your house – lock them all away, out of sight
  5. Place valuables such as jewellery and small electronics in a safe
  6. Appoint a reputable house sitting service, neighbour or friend to keep tabs on your property and to switch on lights, feed pets, clear post boxes of mail, water plants and put out rubbish bins on collection day
  7. Remove any objects that may be used to gain access: walk around your property and lock away items such as ladders and workshop tools

Safe travels and have a happy holiday.