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CORTAC has successfully provided VIP protection services in both local and cross border assignments and through its network of associates is well placed to offer support in most territories. CORTAC's Personal Security Details ("PSD") provide discreet but effective support and protection to high profile clients including foreign government and business delegations.


CORTAC's Projects Team has successfully provided multi-day event management solutions, both exclusively and in collaboration with other event security companies.


CORTAC Overseas Detainee Escort Officers


One of CORTAC’s specialist services is the provision of Overseas Detainee Escort Officers. This service includes the collection of detainees from their points of detention or other locations as required and escorting them to an International Embarkation point, and then onwards to a destination country, as indicated by the SA Government.


The key areas of this service are the maintenance of the health, safety and security of detainees and their timely collection and delivery to their ultimate destination, ensuring that this is carried out safely.