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CORTAC was a pioneer in the ‘battle to win back the streets’ by private security companies. This involves using proactive, overt, assertive means, through the deployment of Tactical Units, to significantly reduce crime and or disrupt potential crime in residential suburbs, business precincts, and mining complexes. A Tactical Unit as deployed by CORTAC typically comprises a fully equipped, two-man high profile vehicle, supported by the CORTAC intelligence, communication and response infra-structure.


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CORTAC deploys hard-core underground security teams to assist in neutralising the illegal mining threat and infra-structure theft. These teams operate in both the current and ‘Madala’ sites to prevent loss of productions and protect our clients against personal and infra-structure attack.





CORTAC provides guarding services in all of its areas of operation. These mission specific teams offer control, process, information, and deterrence value and act as first responders in the event of an incident. CORTAC guards are fully integrated into the broader CORTAC security solution, dovetailing with the Tactical Units, Technology, and Risk Mitigation elements. 


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Technology forms an integral part of CORTAC’s security solutions. CORTAC’s highly proficient technical team is well placed to undertake assessments, provide fit-for-purpose designs and professional installations and commissioning of integrated technology layers. CORTAC’s standard suite of solutions include, alarm installations, CCTV installations, access control systems, security fencing, tamper detection systems, and related. The CORTAC Control Centre supports the technology installations offering monitoring and deployment / response management.


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