Car theft is still one of the three biggest vehicle crimes in South Africa, and according to South African Police Services and various car tracking companies, the numbers increase each year.

The South African Police Service Crime Stats for 2017 shows that Gauteng leads vehicle related crime in the country. There were 27,674 cases of vehicle theft reported in the period, and 45,266 cases of theft from vehicles.

Vehicle theft increases over weekends compared to weekdays. This trend can be mainly attributed to the fact that there are more vehicles out in public places on weekends. More stationary vehicles result in more opportunities for theft, which means that more active criminals are in operation. As such, extra caution is warranted on weekends.

To reduce the risk of vehicle theft and theft from vehicles, CORTAC advises the following:

  • Be vigilant when parking. Park in a well lit, secure area in public, in full view of the public when possible.
  • Lock your garage at night and activate your alarm system. 
  • Always remove all valuables from your vehicle and ensure your car is locked and the alarm activated, both at home and when out.
  • Signal jamming is becoming more and more prevalent, so when using the immobiliser to lock your car, manually check if the car is locked via the door handle before walking off.
  • Call CORTAC to report suspicious persons and vehicles on 0861 267 822.